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Part 1 of 3: preparing for the test

  • Anticipate 5-15 minutes of testing per extremity. 

  • Generally 2 extremities are tested, even if you have symptoms on just one side (the other side would be used as your normal comparison for reference). 

  • The amount of time that the test takes depends on your age, medical conditions, severity of nerve damage (if present), and other factors. 

  • Keep the arm(s) and/or leg(s) warm (room temperature) prior to the study.  This will minimize artifact from having a cold extremity, which can interfere the results.

  • If you are planning on a nerve study of your legs, please bring shorts with you.  If you are planning on a nerve study of your arms, please wear a short sleeve t-shirt or tank top.  It helps to be comfortable during the test, and our disposable shorts and shirts are not as comfortable as your own clothes.  

  • You will need to remove any metal jewelry and watches either prior to or during the test.

  • Although Dr Spears is capable of giving medical advice based on the findings, he only has a narrow view of a bigger picture of your present illness.  The provider who ordered the test is ultimately responsible for further management based on the test results. 

  • The results will be summarized by Dr Spears at the end of the test and a report will be sent to your referring provider. If further questions on Dr Spears' advice are desired, an appointment on a non-procedure day would be needed so that he can comprehensively review your present illness. 


Part 2 of 3: nerve functioning


Part 3 of 3: what to expect

Electrodiagnostic Testing (EDX)
= Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) +/- Electromygraphy (EMG)

Our clinic features a brand new 2023 electrodiagnostic testing equipment and software from Cadwell Industries with a 27" high-resolution display monitor. 

Cadwell Sierra Summit 2023 Brand New EMG machine
Example Results from EMG Machine

Dr. Spears can record the electrical activity of your nerves and muscles with the most crystal clear recordings and sounds available on the market. 

Example Results 2 from EMG Machine
Company Logo for EMG machine software
Company Logo for EMG machine
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