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10 services available at our clinic that you didn't know existed

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1. Medical weight Loss

Are you struggling with weight management? Your weight is as basic as physical medicine gets.  A Physical Medicine physician is the perfect specialist to help you on your journey to better daily functioning and overall well-being. We are accepting new patients for weight loss now. Book your appointment now in just 1-2 days before the clinic fills up!

2. Genetic testing & rare diagnosis workup

Many people come to the physiatrist after extensive workup, still not knowing what is wrong with them.  Prior to treating your symptoms, it is important to verify that all treatable causes are completely investigated for. That is why I have a particular interest in rare diagnoses, and I order genetic testing quite often. It's easier than you may think and often covered by insurance.  


3. Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT)

Did you know that there are two types of physicians in the U.S. - Osteopathic Physicians (DO's) and Allopathic Physicians (MD's)? Osteopathic physicians are subjected to the same rigorous medical training as MD's, but are also trained to align your body from head to toe. It is physician-level chiropractics covered by Medicare and most major insurance plans.  Dr Spears trained at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, considered one of the best osteopathic training medical schools in the country. 

4. Parkinson's disease & movement disorders

Parkinson's disease and the parkinsonisms are movement disorders. Ultimately, your movement is what a physiatrist specializes in. Patients with too much movement, too little movement, stiffness, rigidity, coordination loss, balance loss, can all benefit from a physiatrist evaluation and treatment. If you have a movement disorder, it may be more treatable than you think. All Parkinson's disease patients I have met so far have benefited from my services, and are some of my favorite patients. Book your appointment for you or your loved one today either online or by phone.

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5. Attention, concentration, memory 

Did you know that, in adults, your attention, concentration, memory, and other thinking is often a physical problem? Either way, it is our job to maximize your physical functioning. If you find yourself losing focus, forgetting where you placed things, having difficulty keeping up with your bills, or other issues impairing your functioning, we can help you. Request an appointment today to find out more. If you do book and appointment, save it to your phone and set yourself a reminder the day before!

6. Anxiety & depression

In specializing with treatment of the disabled, many physiatrists are used to treating anxiety and depression. After 4 years of inpatient rehab experience, in recovering patients from severe disability with 24/7 monitoring in a facility, Dr Spears has a wealth of knowledge in the treatment of mood disorders. In addition, physiatrists are trained to gather a detailed social history that can help better understand your life circumstances. Contact us today by requesting an appointment to see if we can help you.

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7. Rheumatologic condition workup & care

Having a rheumatologic condition himself, rheumatology is a particular area of interest for Dr Spears. While the rheumatologist prescribes a disease modifying medication, you will likely need someone to work with you on your stiffness, joint pain, walking, use of the hands, fatigue, and other symptoms that impair your daily functioning. It often times takes more than just a disease modifying medication to accomplish this. 

8. Difficulty sleeping or difficulty staying awake?

Are you sleeping too much or too little? and why? Is it hard to stay awake during the day? If so, is this related to sleep? Or, perhaps, you can't fall asleep because you can't stay awake during the day? The answer is typically complicated, but Dr Spears can help. Wakefulness is the most important human physical function. If you are not awake, you are completely disabled. We guarantee that you would benefit from an appointment if you are having difficulty with your sleep-wake cycle.

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9. Sports medicine

Given that physiatrists specialize in the disabled, it is often overlooked that we also work with getting athletes back into sports.  The injured athlete is disabled from playing their sport. If a sport or activity is important to you, it is important to us to get you back in shape for it! Dr Spears played competitive tennis prior to his back injury. He won a state championship in high school and played college tennis at Michigan State University. He is ready to help you with any sports injury. 

10. Botox for migraines & more

Did you know Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA) is approved for adults 18 and older who experience chronic migraines, which is defined as having 15 or more headache days per month, with at least eight of those days featuring migraine symptoms? Each headache must last at least four hours. Most insurance plans cover for this. Schedule an appointment to find out more. We also treat cervical dystonia and brain and spinal cord related spasticity with Botox. 

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